Objectives and Goals

Improve Housing Conditions: Lifeline for Community Development’s primary objective is to improve housing conditions for vulnerable families in Madogo and surrounding areas. We aim to provide safe, durable, and adequate shelter that protects individuals and families from environmental hazards and adverse weather conditions.


Address Homelessness: Our goal is to address homelessness within the community by providing temporary shelters and transitional housing for those in need. We aim to support individuals in their journey towards stable and secure housing solutions.


Promote Sustainable Housing Solutions: Lifeline for Community Development is committed to promoting sustainable housing practices. Our goal is to implement eco-friendly and cost-effective construction methods that are both environmentally conscious and affordable for community members.

Past and Ongoing Projects

Shelter Rehabilitation: Lifeline for Community Development initiated a shelter rehabilitation project to improve the living conditions of families living in dilapidated and unsafe housing. This project involves repairs and renovations to make existing shelters safer and more habitable.


Transitional Housing Program: We established a transitional housing program to provide temporary shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness. Through this program, we offer a safe space for individuals and families while they work towards achieving more permanent housing solutions.


Eco-Friendly Housing Initiatives: Lifeline for Community Development promotes the construction of eco-friendly houses using sustainable materials and energy-efficient techniques. These initiatives not only reduce the environmental impact but also lower the long-term maintenance costs for homeowners.

Impact and Success Stories

Enhanced Housing Safety: Through the shelter rehabilitation project, several families now have safer and more secure living conditions. The renovations have significantly improved the structural integrity of their homes, offering protection from hazards.


Transformed Lives of Homeless Individuals: The transitional housing program has provided a lifeline for homeless individuals and families, offering them a sense of stability and hope. Participants receive support and guidance to secure more permanent housing solutions, leading to lasting positive changes in their lives.


Sustainable and Affordable Housing: Families benefiting from eco-friendly housing initiatives not only enjoy energy-efficient homes but also experience reduced utility costs. These initiatives have made housing more affordable and sustainable for low-income families.


Strengthening Community Resilience: Improved shelter conditions contribute to stronger community resilience during natural disasters and adverse weather conditions. The increased stability of housing helps community members withstand and recover from challenges more effectively.


Lifeline for Community Development’s efforts in the shelter sector has made a significant impact on the lives of community members, creating a tangible difference in housing conditions and fostering a sense of security. By addressing homelessness, promoting sustainability, and ensuring adequate shelter for all, we are building the foundation for a more resilient and thriving community in Madogo and its surroundings. As we continue our journey towards achieving our mission, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing dignified housing solutions and nurturing a sense of belonging for every individual and family we serve.